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I know you are very surprised about the price. How this man can give expert knowledge at such a low rate. Trust me, I’m just here to share my 8 years of online marketing experience. Also I’m providing online advertising expert module complimentary. 

Digital Marketing

[ 6 weeks ]
  1. What is Marketing?
  2. How We Do Marketing?
  3. What is Digital Marketing?
  4. Digital Marketing Platforms and Strategies
  5. Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
  6. Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing
  7. Defining Marketing Goals
  8. Latest Digital Advertising Trends
  9. Case Studies of Digital Campaigns.
  1. Account Creation
  2. Page Creation
  3. Page Setup
  4. Linktree/
  5. Profile Pic, Banner, Social Media Post Design
  6. Page Types, templates, basic settings
  7. Hashtag Strategy and Tools
  8. Story Highlights
  9. Business Suite
  10. Creator Studio
  11. Facebook Marketplace
  12. How to setup shop/services
  13. Social Media Optimization
  14. App Opener Tool
  15. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Integration
  16. Messenger Auto Reply, Quick Replies, FAQ setup
  1. How Facebook/Instagram algorithm works?
  2. How to do content research?
  3. Types of posts/content and what to post for particular brand.
  4. What is branding and brand elements?
  5. Design principles and colour psychology
  6. Pages/Profiles to follow and groups to join
  7. Content Calendar of the whole year
  8. Content planning templates
  9. Best time to publish post
  10. Facebook Content Planner
  11. Content analytics
  12. Instagram Insights
  13. Ninjalytics Tools for analysis
  1. Facebook Creator Studio Post Scheduling
  2. Business Suite Story Scheduling
  3. Reel/Story Drafts
  4. Tweet Scheduling
  5. Canva Scheduling tool
  6. Free and Paid Social Media Scheduling Tools
  1. Facebook Ad account creation and payment methods
  2. User management
  3. Page/Profile/Account access
  4. Objectives and their meaning
  5. Types of Campaigns
  6. Budget Optimization
  7. Campaign, ad set and ad setup
  8. Detailed Audience targeting
  9. Ad formats and templates
  10. Advertisement policies
  11. How to do WhatsApp traffic campaign?
  12. Ad placements
  13. Inventory filtration
  14. Ad library
  15. Ad campaign planning and execution
  16. Analysis and reports
  1. Lead Generation form creation
  2. Lead form types and setup
  3. Lead Library
  4. How to setup lead generation as per business needs?
  5. How to export leads form Facebook ads?
  6. What is integrately?
  7. How to setup integrately automation for leads?
  8. How to get free automations for integrately?
  9. Different automations options
  1. How to create Business Manager Account?
  2. It’s benefits
  3. How to setup business manager properly?
  4. How to get access of client’s business manager?
  5. How to setup billing?
  6. How to add employees and provide access?
  7. How to use it for Digital Marketing Agency?
  8. How to apply Facebook Partner Agency?
  9. How to create multiple pixels?
  1. What is Facebook Pixel?
  2. How to install pixel into WordPress and Woocommerce website?
  3. How to add code manually?
  4. How to setup and track pixel activities?
  5. How to create custom conversion?
  6. How to create conversion campaign?
  7. What is custom and lookalike audience?
  8. What is remarketing?
  9. How to create custom and lookalike audience?
  10. IOS update information
  11. How to track sales through website?
  12. How to create successful remarketing campaign?
  1. Introductions to LinkedIn Ads
  2. Types of Promotions
  3. Audience Targeting
  4. Advance Audience Targeting
  5. Bidding Strategy
  6. Ad Format
  7. Ad Dimensions and Rules
  8. Remarketing Strategy
  9. Conversion Tracking 
  1. Copy writing vs Content Writing
  2. Content Marketing Strategy
  3. Best copy & content examples and case studies
  4. How content marketing works?
  5. How to get content ideas?
  6. How to write SE optimized content?
  7. How to write sales-oriented copy?
  8. Free tools for content writing
  9. How to use A.I. in content writing?
  10. Common mistakes to avoid in content marketing
  1. Introduction to Email Marketing
  2. Importance of Email Marketing
  3. Popular Email Marketing Tools
  4. Email Marketing Goals
  5. Introduction to Mail­Chimp
  6. Mail­Chimp Pricing Structure
  7. Account setup and Settings
  8. Email Marketing Strategy
  9. Creating a Subscriber List
  10. Integration of Forms in WordPress Site
  11. Import Subscribers in a List
  12. Types of Email Marketing Campaigns
  13. Creating an Email Campaign
  14. What Is the Newsletter?
  15. Design a Newsletter
  16. Free Email Templates
  17. Marketing Automation
  18. Case Study
  19. Assignments for Practice
  1. What is domain, hosting and SSL?
  2. How to check domain availability?
  3. How to choose SEO friendly business domain?
  4. How to get best deal on GoDaddy for domain?
  5. Domain terminology
  6. What is the meaning of server and its types?
  7. Types of Hosting
  8. How to get best deal on hosting?
  9. What is SSL and why it is useful?
  10. What is DNS, Nameservers?
  11. How to connect domain to server?
  12. How to access C-panel?
  13. How to create customized business emails?
  14. How to sell hosting plans?
  15. How to apply/install SSL certificate?
  16. How to change default server/php settings?
  1. WordPress
    Installation and admin account creation
  2. Types of Websites
  3. How to install theme and plug-ins?
  4. Website Terminologies
  5. How to create page?
  6. What is section, column, element?
  7. Drag and Drop Page Builder Setup – Elementor ProPage, Menu, Header, Footer Creation
  8. Free online tools for content research & creation
  9. How to follow best practices of best design?
  10. YouTube channels to follow for web design
  11. Must-have plugins for WordPress website.
  12. What is Landing Page?
  13. How to create landing page using Elementor Pro?
  14. Must-use elements in landing page for sales
  15. Best headline generating tool
  16. Speed Optimization
  17. Single Page Menu creation
  18. Anchor links
  19. Hero Section
  20. How to add product to cart?
  21. Cart Element
  22. Pricing table
  23. How to writes sales website content?
  24. Elementor templates
  25. Elementor Library
  26. Installing Woo-commerce Plug-in
  27. Woo-commerce settings
  28. Tax and shipping settings
  29. Location tracking settings
  30. How to create product?
  31. Product types
  32. Simple, Variable, Affiliate, Grouped Products Creation
  33. Attributes and variations
  34. Payment Gateway Integration
  35. Multiple Current and Shippable product Tutorials
  36. How to create digital product and market it?
  37. Elementor Pro enhancements
  38. User management
  39. Coupon Management
  1. Introduction to Search Engines
  2. How Does Search Engine Work?
  3. Components of Search Engine.
  4. What is SERP?
  5. What is Meta Title and description?
  6. Google Algorithm.
  7. Panda Algorithm
  8. Penguin Algorithm
  9. Humming Bird Algorithm
  10. Pigeon Algorithm
  11. Latest Google Updates
  12. Introduction to On­Page
  13. On­Page Analysis Methodology
  14. Fundamental On­Page Factors
  15. Heading Tag, Alt Tag, Image Tag, Etc.
  16. Meta Tag Optimization
  17. Meta Tags Creation
  18. Yoast SEO Plugin
  19. Sitemap
  20. URL Optimization
  21. Canonical Tags
  22. Redirection Techniques
  23. txt
  24. DA, PA and PR
  25. Step by Step Implementation of Every On-Page Factor on Every Page
  26. SEO Analysis or Audit Reports
  27. Website Speed & Its Tools
  28. Google Web Vital
  29. Speed Optimization plug-in
  30. Best practices for On-Page SEO
  31. Schema Mark-up
  32. Image SEO
  33. Social Sharing Options
  34. Open graph
  35. Case Study
  36. Assignments for Practice
  37. What Is Link Building?
  38. Types of Linking
  39. Dofollow Vs. Nofollow
  40. Link Building Guidelines
  41. Page Authority
  42. Domain Authority
  43. Article Submission
  44. Local Business Directories
  45. Social Bookmarking
  46. Question and Answers Blogging & Commenting
  47. Guest Blogging
  48. Press Releases
  49. Link Building
  50. High DA PA links
  51. Off Page Link submission file
  52. Off-Page Audit tool
  53. Image Submission,
  54. Document Submission
  55. Links Analysis Tools: Backlink Watch, Rank Signal, Semrush, Ahref
  56. Competitor Backlink Analysis Using Tools
  57. How to Remove Spammy/ Unnatural Links Using the Disavow Tool
  58. Case Study
  59. Assignments For Practice
  60. What Is Local SEO?
  61. Importance of Local SEO
  62. Google My Business Account Creation
  63. GMB Account Setup
  64. GMB verification methods
  65. Local SEO Ranking factors
  66. Posting updates on GMB
  67. Google local guide
  68. Local Submissions
  69. Local business listings
  70. Best practices for local business ranking
  71. Case study of restaurant and institute
  1. Introduction to Search Engine Paid Marketing
  2. Google Ads Account Setup
  3. Interface Tour and Billing Setting
  4. Account Structure
  5. Campaign Setting
  6. Ad Group Setup
  7. Keyword Research Tools
  8. Keyword Match Setup
  9. Understanding Ad Auction
  10. What Is Quality Score
  11. Types of Bidding in AdWords
  12. Ad Formats
  13. Ad Guidelines
  14. Ad Extensions
  15. Google Merchant Center Setup
  16. Case Study
  17. Assignments for Practice
  18. What is Search/PPC/CPC/Text ads?
  19. When to use search ads?
  20. Keyword Planning Sheet
  21. Keyword planning tools
  22. Ad extensions
  23. Keyword planning chrome extensions
  24. Best practices for search ads
  25. Ad copy writing tool
  26. Headline generator tools
  27. Call/website conversion setup
  28. Google Tag Manager
  29. Conversion tracking process
  30. Competitive Analysis for ranking
  31. Bidding Strategies
  32. Technical Terms used in Search Ads
  33. What is Display/Banner/Image Ads?
  34. When to use Display Advertisements?
  35. Where does display ads displays ad?
  36. What is Search and Display Network?
  37. of Images/video and size guide for ad creatives.
  38. Best practices for Display Advertisement
  39. Image resizing tool
  40. Colour picker tool
  1. What is Analytics?
  2. Importance of Analytics for Business
  3. Popular Analytics Software’s
  4. Key Performance Indicators [KPI] in Analytics
  5. bounce rates, time on page / site, exit rate, conversion rate, engagement rate
  6. Introduction to Google Analytics
  7. Installing Analytics Code in a Site Analytics
  8. Account Structure
  9. Interface Tour of Google Analytics
  10. General Tools in Analytics
  11. Realtime Reports
  12. Audience Report
  13. Acquisition Report
  14. Behaviour Report
  15. Conversion Tracking
  16. Goal Setting in Analytics
  17. UTM link Creation
  18. Introduction to Google Search Console
  19. How to Install Google Search Console?
  20. Google Site Kit
  21. Search Appearance
  22. Rich Result
  23. Data Highlighter
  24. HTML Improvements
  25. Accelerated Mobile Pages
  26. Google Index Crawl
  27. Security Issues
  28. Search Analytics
  29. Links to Your Site
  30. Internal Links
  31. Manual Actions
  32. International Targeting

aDVANCED advertisement

[ 2 weeks ]
  1.   Introduction to Ads PC
  2. Why we need PPC
  3. Distribution network in ads
  4. Type of keyword- broad, phrase, exact, modifier, negative
  5. Basic  of google ads
  6. Distribution network in ads
  7. Type of billing in adswords
  1.  AdWords account setup
  2. Google adwords account structure
  3. Creation through keyword Planner
  4.  Shortcut of keyword Planner for creative long tail campaign
  5. Number of way through which we can create ads words account
  6.  About campaign and ad group ideas and setting and campaign setting
  7. How to do keyword research for ppc 
  1. AdWords line Project keyword 
  2. What is conversion and how to implement & track
  3.  Tracking code
  4. how to quality score effect on bids?
  5. Quality score and how to we increase
  6. what is CTR and how do we increase CTR
  7. CPA – benefits & use and condition & formula
  8. ECPC – benefits & use and condition 
  10. What is impression and when google count a impression
  11. What is landing page for ppc
  12. Ad rank formula and algorithm
  1. Call extension
  2. Review extension
  3.  Automated
  4. extension report
  5.  call out extension
  6. Site link extension
  7. Automated extension report
  1.  PPC campaign navigation- on live project
  2.  Increase position on search
  3. user define bids and automatic bids
  4.  How to create effective ads copies

1. Type of ads search network
2. Dynamic search ads
3. App install ads search
4. Mobile only ads

1. Flexible bids strategy
3. Maximum cpc
4. Outranking sshare

1. Google shopping PLA ads
2. Dynamic remarketing for PLAads
3. Google marchant centr
4. How to connect marchant center with ads
5. How to create ads in spreadsheet
6. AdWord and marchant difference
7. Product grouping in adwords account
8. Exclusion of out of stock product
9 promotional offer ads
10. How to link marchant with different user id
11. Overview of live shopping campaign -project training

1 Remarketing implemention use and benifits
2. Standard remarketing vs dynamic remarketing
3.Types of standard remarketing
4. Tags based remarketing
5. Rules based remarketing
6. Custom combination based remarketing
8. Display network remarketing
9. Overview of live remarketing campaign

1. Campaign performance report
2. Keyword performance report
3. Ad group performance report
4. Ads performance report
5. Segment report
6. PPC reporting structure
7. Dimension report
8. Keyword diagnosis
9. Auction inside
10 A/B testing

  1. Type of targeting contextual, interest base
  2.  Placement, topic demographic
  3. narrow targeting use and benifits
  4.  Site category exclusion too
  5. Introduction of google display advertising
  6. Bidding type – CPC &CPM ECPC CPE
  1. Engagement ads creation
  2.  General purpose ads
  3.  Social ads promotion
  4.  Display video ads
  5. Dynamic ads template creation using spreadsheet
  6. App install ads- text video, image
  7. How to create ads – text ,image ads and ads gallery



  1.  Placement performance report
  2. Display planner – heplful for optimization
  3.  Display planner
  4.  Strategies and optimization
  5.  Remarketing
  6. Line Project overview

  1. You tube ads
  2.  Pricing madel
  3.  Type of ads
  4.  YouTube remarketing
  5. Type of targeting
  6. Distribution network YouTube search, YouTube ads , google partner network

A) Advance PPC topic like

  • Web page conversion
  • Call only Conversion
  • Call Extension Conversion
  • Click on mobile and mobile website conversion

B) How to import offline conversion

C) how to import gaols from analytics

We set benchmark in internet marketing world.

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Nagesh Haibatti
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Sagar Mashalkar
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" Sir is friendly, also every student grasping power is different. Pankaj sir must develop patience and must be aware not to jump into next topic too fast! "
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Shifa Shaikh
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Harish Ghundre
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“I have researched many digital marketing courses before joining Pankaj's Course in Pune and now I think joining the course is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. ”

Basic to advance

Digital marketing in-depth Syllabus

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Top 6 skills you acquire here

  • How to convert knowledge into money
  • Startup business module
  • How and where do find job?
  • Crack high paying clients
  • Learn market analysis
  • How you can start your own business in minimum amount?

Digital marketing is not only about tools and tactics. It is mainly about a common sense. How you use your prior knowledge to monetize an idea. also if you are searching for digital marketing course near me then here is my online training course

Master in Digital Marketing Tools

Who all can be a part of this course ?

Anyone can be a part of this course, yes! anyone. The Digital Marketing course does not require 12th to the graduates, working professionals, business owners, freelancers, etc.

  • Job Seekers: Students- Technical/Non-Technical
  • OptimizeBusiness/ Start-Up Owners: ROI Increase
  • Domain Shift/ Salary Hike: Job-Employee
  • Freelancers/Housewives/Part Time Job/ Income

Job Seekers:

Learn the right way to make a career in digital marketing

Students who are looking for a job in Digital Marketing industry as well as in other companies in Pune, we offers you to get 100% placement assistance throughout the course.

Business/ Start-Up Owners: ROI Increase

Learn how to grow your business strategically?

If you want your business to make an image online adn make higher profits, digital marketing skills will help you buld your brand online and engage your customer online and increase traffic

Domain Shift/ Salary Hike: Job-Employee

Learn how you can grow your current income?

If you are working in a company and want to upgrade your skills then you can switch to digital marketing training program, it will help you as this industry is growing every day adn have lots of opportunities in it.

Freelancers/Housewives/Part Time Job/ Income

Learn how to re-start your career and earn as well?

Digital Marketing can also help females to think and re-start the home business or start up of your own. Digital Marketing can help you grow your business quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our batch consists of only 5-6 students, which allows each student to be placed in small groups, so each of their questions gets individual attention and personal help.

In case if you missed any class then we will be providing you the next extra class where you can learn the modules that you have missed

Yes. Each Module Consists Of A Certain Learning And Thus To Move Ahead To The Next, We Do Conduct Exams On Each Level.

Yes we provide training material. In fact we give you a Manual of Printed Notes. Also we provide soft copy of notes.

You can pay on phone pay, g-pay, Paytm or UPI. Yes, you can pay the fee in installments, there are two installment ,the first installment is of Rs. 6000/- and the second installment of Rs. 6000/- you can pay the fee after 7 days.

Digital Marketing is the best option for small-scale businesses to promote them to the next level.

Candidates who are running a business are suggested to learn Digital Marketing Course to promote your business to the next level.