Professional Digital Marketing Course [2024]

डिजिटल मार्केटिंगची शक्ती अनलॉक करा आणि या सखोल आणि परिपूर्ण व्याख्यानमालेसह तुमचा व्यवसाय नवीन उंचीवर घेऊन जा.


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135 Chapters

41.7 hours Course

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10 Days refund policy, No questions asked

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तुम्ही हा मराठीचा डिजिटल मार्केटिंग कोर्स का घ्यावे ?

स्वतःचा बिझनेस वाढवण्यासाठी

डिजिटल मार्केटिंग व्यवसायांना ऑनलाइन अधिक ग्राहकांपर्यंत पोहोचण्यात मदत करू शकते. तसेच, प्रभावी जाहिरातींसह ब्रँड तयार करण्याची ताकद त्यात आहे. .

Enhanced job opportunities

वेगाने वाढणाऱ्या क्षेत्रात नोकरीचे अधिक पर्याय आहेत. त्यापैकी डिजिटल मार्केटिंग क्षेत्रात सुद्धा नोकरीच्या संधी उपलब्ध आहेत. 

Skill should be known !

जर तुम्ही पाहिले तर, आता सर्व काही ऑनलाइन आहे. ही कौशल्ये शिकल्याने केवळ व्यवसायांनाच नव्हे तर व्यक्तींनाही फायदा होतो.

डिजिटल मार्केटिंग काळाची गरज आहे

आज सर्व व्यवहार ऑनलाईन चालतो. बिझनेस इंटरनेटशी कनेक्टेड असतात. आणि पुढ्यच्या काळात तर मार्केटिंग मानवी गरज बनेल.

10 Days refund policy, No questions asked

Topics covered in this course

Generate leads for business

Dominate YouTube : secrets reveled

Supercharge Your Video SEO

Profit with Precision: Master Google Ads

Utilizing all digital marketing tools

Boost Your Rankings: SEO Secrets Revealed

Master Website Development

Craft Compelling Content: Become a Writing Pro

Secrets about ranking

Instagram Ads Academy

Turn Clicks into Cash with Facebook ads

Unleash Your Graphic Design Superpowers

Complete lead generation process

Email Marketing Mastery

E-commerce Marketing


Start of digital marketing with content writing

  • Detailed introduction of digital marketing
  • All digital marketing channels
  • Content writing & different types
  • Earning from content writing
  • Find niche & perfect audience
  • Get Content writing ideas
  • Clickbait headline ideas using AI
  • Intent & W’s to ask
  • How to use hooks for attention
  • Google doc complete tutorial
  • All about plagiarism
  • SEO Content writing
  • All about Blogging & type
  • Ideal copy of content writing
  • check a performance of any content
  • Build your brand with content writing

Professional Website development course

Search engine optimization course

Advanced Facebook ads course

Google ads Mastery course

YouTube Course 2023

Graphic Canva course

Email Marketing mastery

IG Detailed course with ads

Lifetime access

10 Days Money-Back Guarantee


  • Set aside dedicated time
  • Engage with the material
  • Practice what you learn
  • Ask for help
  • Stay organized

Study Material

My mission is to get in touch with aspiring marketers, Making it easy for businesses to learn and earn.

10 Days refund policy, No questions asked

हा कोर्स नक्की कोणासाठी आहे ?

You may be surprised that there is no age limit to learning Google ads. Even if you are a student you can learn. No degree is needed.


Those studying related fields can benefit from these google ads courses.


Individuals with a strong online presence can learn how to monetize their platforms


Content creators, graphic designers, and web developers can expand their skill sets to offer services to their clients.

Small Business Owners

learn how to create and manage their online presence, social media accounts, and digital advertising campaigns.

Career Switchers

Those looking to switch careers can learn the necessary skills through digital marketing courses.


 Entrepreneurs can learn how to effectively promote their products online.

हा कोर्स घेणाऱ्यांचा अनुभव

10 Days refund policy, No questions asked

What you will get Inside this course?

Study Material

11+ Study material will help you to get better tips and tricks.

E-books, PDF

These are offline material that can improve ads performance

Downloadable lectures

If you want to save all lectures, you can do it.

Bonuses worth 20,000 Rs

This is the best part of the course which includes everything.

24/7 Chat support

If you have any doubt then you can directly reach me out on my personal number.

20,000 Rs worth bonuses जे ह्या कोर्स सोबत मिळतील

Local Facebook Reviewer

Help your clients get and showcase their local FACEBOOK reviews!

GMB Optimizer CheatSheet

A one-stop guide that will hold your hand throughout the whole process of optimizing a GMB listing.

Fastest Google Cache

Easily double your Google page speed score with this ultimate caching plugin!

Stunning Transparent Image Suite

Get 500 premium transparent photos for your videos, ads, sites, and more!

Outsourcing Cheat Sheet for LOCAL

Learning how to outsource repetitive tasks is a skill that you absolutely need to master

Optimizing 10-Key factors for Voice Ranking

you want to tap into this MASSIVE Traffic Source, you need to focus on and Optimize these 10 Key factors

Becoming a Client-Closing Machine

Knowing how to acquire clients is not a talent, it’s an acquired skill. Use this resource to learn how to steer

BOOST Traffic w/ Local Search Marketing

Apply these 11 Internally-tested practices to obtain a healthy flow of LOCAL traffic to your own website

How to Close 5 NEW LOCAL Clients in 14 Days

Uncover our “Secret Audit” technique that will allow you to spot major local optimization issues with only a few minutes of effort.

Email Swipes to Close Clients for Facebook Ads Services

What you’ll see below is a collection of swipes arranged in a soap opera sequence.

Facebook Optimizing Factors

We have created a definitive list with factors that will definitely make a difference in how Facebook’s algorithm will rank a particular listing.

TOP 100 Local Niches For Local Marketers

find the best and most profitable prospects to promote their business online.

Local Business Schema

A one-stop guide that will hold your hand throughout the whole process of creating and optimizing a GMB listing.

Meet your instructor

I have been working in Digital Marketing and Online advertising industry for 9 years. In my career, I worked for companies on the tech side like vigarbiz, Agency side with many Global agencies like MCN groups.

My passion for training started when I was working with some MNC Companies and was promoted to a trainer. I have trained 1000+ of students and professionals to start a career or excel in a career in Digital Marketing and Ad-Tech. 

हा कोर्स सर्वांपेक्षा का वेगळा आहे ?

Knowing the need

Everyone's learning needs may be different so identifying their needs makes learning easier.

power of perception

Every student's comprehension level is not the same, so it is important to teach at their level.

Advance Knowledge

The world has come so far now that basic knowledge won't help. I used to focus on imparting supernatural knowledge step by step.

I'm There

I'm there for any digital marketing doubts. You can ask me any time.  I honestly feel that the one who studies definitely gets doubts.


I’m waiting for your response