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Affordable Website Making Course

Grow Your Business and Career Exponentially with Our Website Development Course, now in Pune.

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Rating 4.9 / 5 By 227 Students
4.9 Rating
Start Date
Aug 12, 2022
1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions
Lecture Timings (IST)
10:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Online Live Presentations
every fri sat sun
36+ hours
4 week program


Website Development Pricing

Choose the best affordable website development courses as per your convenience.

web development

[ 4 weeks ]
  1. What is WordPress?
  2. Why WordPress is so popular?
  3. What kind of website we can create in WordPress?
  4. Who is using WordPress?
  5. What is the difference between and
  6. What is Content Management System(CMS)?
  7. What are the Features of WordPress?
  8. What are the limitations of WordPress?
  9. Technical specifications to install WordPress.
  1. What is domain, hosting and SSL?
  2. How to check domain availability?
  3. How to choose SEO friendly business domain?
  4. How to get best deal on GoDaddy for domain?
  5. Domain terminology
  6. What is the meaning of server and its types?
  7. Types of Hosting
  8. How to get best deal on hosting?
  9. What is SSL and why it is useful?
  10. What is DNS, Nameservers?
  11. How to connect domain to server?
  12. How to access C-panel?
  13. How to create customized business emails?
  14. How to sell hosting plans?
  15. How to apply/install SSL certificate?
  16. How to change default server/php settings?
  1. WordPress
    Installation and admin account creation
  2. Types of Websites
  3. How to install theme and plug-ins?
  4. Website Terminologies
  5. How to create page?
  6. What is section, column, element?
  7. Drag and Drop Page Builder Setup – Elementor ProPage, Menu, Header, Footer Creation
  8. Free online tools for content research & creation
  9. How to follow best practices of best design?
  10. YouTube channels to follow for web design
  11. Must-have plugins for WordPress website
  1. Installing Woo-commerce Plug-in
  2. Woo-commerce settings
  3. Tax and shipping settings
  4. Location tracking settings
  5. How to create product?
  6. Product types
  7. Simple, Variable, Affiliate, Grouped Products Creation
  8. Attributes and variations
  9. Payment Gateway Integration
  10. Multiple Current and Shippable product Tutorials
  11. How to create digital product and market it?
  12. Elementor Pro enhancements
  13. User management
  14. Coupon Management
  1. What is Landing Page?
  2. How to create landing page using Elementor Pro?
  3. Must-use elements in landing page for sales
  4. Best headline generating tool
  5. Speed Optimization
  6. Single Page Menu creation
  7. Anchor links
  8. Hero Section
  9. How to add product to cart?
  10. Cart Element
  11. Pricing table
  12. How to writes sales website content?
  13. Elementor templates
  14. Elementor Library
  15. Best samples of landing pages
  1. Why maintenance is required for
  2. WordPress website?
  3. What are the best practices to maintain your WordPress website?
  4. What plugin do I need to manage my
  5. WordPress website?
  6. WordPress Backup.
  7. WordPress Security.
  8. WordPress Updates
  1. Fixing Posts and Pages if They Break
  2. Fixing Broken Widgets
  3. Fixing Theme Issues
  4. Fixing Plugins
  5. Identifying and Fixing Common Database Issues
  1. Login, Register, Profile Settings.
  2. Screen Options.
  3. Basic WordPress Settings – date, time, timezone, comment settings, privacy settings, link structure settings.
  1. What post types and Taxonomies in available in WordPress
  2. How to create posts ,pages, category and tags
  3. Manage posts ,pages, category and tags
  4. Manage post, pages comments
  1. What are WordPress themes?
  2. How to select best themes for your project?
  3. How to use themes?
  4. Customizing themes
  5. Popular WordPress themes
  6. WordPress theme framework
  7. Use child themes.
  8. Understanding widgets, sidebars and menu.

We set benchmark in internet marketing world..!

Additional Benefits of Website Development Course

Additional Benefits worth ₹15000 will be provided FREE

5+ Marketing Software Bundle worth ₹ 3000

Domain, Hosting, SSL Certification worth ₹5000

100+ Elementor Templates worth ₹ 5000.

Paid WordPress plugins worth ₹2000.

Are you ready to build your own professional website with our Website Development course?

6 students per batch

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Hear From previous students

Nagesh Haibatti
Nagesh Haibatti
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Had an amazing experience with the Pankaj's sir course. Learning and experience with this course are totally good.
Sagar Mashalkar
Sagar Mashalkar
Read More
" Sir is friendly, also every student grasping power is different. Pankaj sir must develop patience and must be aware not to jump into next topic too fast! "
Shifa Shaikh
Shifa Shaikh
Read More
“This is very helpful in making me learn about WordPress development course in the digital world,”
Harish Ghundre
Harish Ghundre
Read More
“I have researched many web development courses before joining Pankaj sir Course at Pune and now I think joining Pankaj sir course is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. ”

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Website Development Course Modules

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Enroll Today and Make Career in Most Growing Industry

The only institute in Pune that makes you capable to achieve your goals and make your career successful in Website Development.

Website Development Tools You Will Master

Who all can option for our website development course?

We are one of the most reputed institutions offering website development course in Pune. Our course curriculum is intricately crafted into considerations the modern updates and technological advancement in the domain.The cohesive course includes all the aspects of website making right from the scratch to professional. Our website making course can help you build your own website in less time.

  • Job Seekers: Students- Technical/Non-Technical
  • OptimizeBusiness/ Start-Up Owners: ROI Increase
  • Domain Shift/ Salary Hike: Job-Employee
  • Freelancers/Housewives/Part Time Job/ Income

Also, it is ideal for IT professionals, college students, traders, sales and marketing professionals, etc. The greatest part of this business is that the applicant does not need to be of professional background.

Job Seekers: Students- Technical/Non-Technical

 Short term courses and job seekers/ dropouts can switch to new website development job or start working as freelance website developer.

Business/ Start-Up Owners: ROI Increase

New business owners can easily spread brand awareness adn services to the right audience through creating wonderful websites.

Domain Shift/ Salary Hike: Job-Employee

 After completing the course you will get more and more option in the website dvelopment field and can speedup your growth

Freelancers/Housewives/Part Time Job/ Income

Our institute in Pune is the easiest adn fastest way for freelancers adn entrepreneurs to generate more clients who require website developers or who need  website for their business.

 After doing the course housewives can be self employed, or can work from home or for the agency.

Skills You Acquire Here

  1. How to get high-paying job
  2. Learn to start your agency
  3. Master Web Analytics
  4. Become an International Freelancer
  5. How to pitch confidently
  6. How to become a highly paid Influencer

How to get high-paying job

Establish yourself as an expert in the field with Practice Mock technical interviews, Mock HR interviews, Question Bank, Quizzes also get a personalized portfolio on Pankaj Rathod website which will make a bang to High-paying job.

Learn to start your agency

Looking to start an agency of your own? Our experts will walk you through all the basics of an online agency building.

Master Web Analytics

When planning your Web strategy, analytics and statistics are all that matters. Learn the various analytical methods and their significance and keep your fingertips with the right results.

Become an International Freelancer

Learn how to put yourself as a foreign freelancer, define possibilities, and coordinate companies around the world.

How to pitch confidently

Understand their requirements and build how to create a website experience to learn how to offer a killer pitch to your prospect.

How to become a highly paid Influencer

Grow your base of followers, increase brand loyalty, network with brands, and learn how to become an influencer who is highly paid and successful.

Table of Contents

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Why Choose Us?

We provide the Pune’s best website development courses with the array of bespoke website making courses. Our courses are planned and backed by the professional trainers. We use right combination of practical approaches to impart quality knowledge to our students. We help you to get a step closer and get considerable exposure in the digital industry. During this course you can learn how to keep pace with the ever-evolving digital world an make the best use of website development tools with the help of our website development course in Kharadi, Pune.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to learn more about Pankaj’s course? Browse our FAQ:

In today’s times, worldwide industries or businesses are struggling for creating and building brand reputation, higher sales through conversions, target audience interaction, deployment of cost-effective strategies, better revenue generation, reaching out to the vast number of mobile-based consumers, winning the trust of your audience, deeper penetration along with a better reach, allow the customers to take the desired action, so on and so forth. All of this is a result of the digital transformation that has taken place around us. To such an extent that it has become an unavoidable part of the marketing strategy for any business/industry. So, what is it that makes all of this possible? Well, it is WordPress web Development!!!

WordPress web development has a huge scope and is made up of various types of marketing and other supportive tactics/techniques. Some of the major ones include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. The majority of the time, more than one of these techniques/tactics are deployed under the Digital Marketing strategy based on the requirements and the goals in sight. Each of these tactics/techniques involves making use of one or the other medium for the creation of brand awareness and its promotion. One can even carve out a career in any one of these, by acquiring the desired expertise! WordPress web Development in Pune can help you with this.

Yes, that’s true! Be it any business or industry, WordPress web Development can work effectively and provide the desired results. As compared to the traditional or offline forms of marketing, WordPress web Development can bring both faster and better results. The highly penetrative nature of WordPress web Development enables different brands/companies to expand and reach out to their client base in a short period. Another benefit of WordPress web Development is that it is a cost-effective form of marketing as compared to the other forms. Now, which business won’t like to save on aspects like time and cost? That’s where WordPress web Development is proving to be successful.

Many employees will have a doubt that Is it worth doing a WordPress web Development Course as we are already earning in a particular profession. But the candidates we are informing that doing WordPress web Development Course is full worth and the best thing. WordPress web Development Certification will add more value to your qualification. Along with that, you will have a handful of opportunities after completing the Digital Marketing Course.

Yes. WordPress web Development Course is best for freelancers. You can work on your own for any kind of business by learning WordPress web Development Course

WordPress web Development is the best option for small-scale businesses to promote them to the next level.

Candidates who are running a business are suggested to learn WordPress web Development  to promote your business to the next level.