Here You are going to learn ‘How to do branding about any product & services, how to generate leads, and how we can increase traffic for website.

Google ads

LinkedIn ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Website development (Complementary)

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Batches starting from 6 Feb | Regular Batches: Monday To Friday | Timing: 11 AM to 1 PM | 08 PM to 10 PM
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Start Date

6 Feb, 2023

1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions
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11:00 Am –1:00 Pm

8:00 Pm –10:00 Pm

online Live classes
Every Mon- Fri

48+ hours

27 Days program

Learn basic to advance ads in 27 days...

Advanced digital Advertising career by learning step-by-step proven tactics and strategies tried and tested by the best marketing experts.

Next Batch starting from 6th feb 2023

27 Days


Advance Ads

Here we will learn about advertising. How to do branding about any product services, how we can generate leads, how YouTube ads works, and how we can increase traffic for website or any social media pages etc. Also I’m providing website development course as a complimentary benefit with this course, because its mandatory to learn for ads.

Majorly we will focus on these 4 platforms:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • LinkedIn ads

I don’t overcrowd while teaching because it’s difficult to focus on an individual level. 12 students is the limit.

Extra benifit with adverting training


Website Development

Here mainly we focus on Website development(WordPress). 

For online digital adverting training you need to arrange some things like good internet connectivity, a laptop, proper audio setup, etc. In learning you will get the following: 

  • Pre-reading Material
  • Practical
  • 9 lessons
  • Free tools worth 8k
  • Recorded sessions

Adverting needs a website so it’s mandatory to have a website for business.

Digital Ads training syllabus

 we focus on learning by doing. That means, less theory and more practical. To become successful in PPC career you need to learn PPC course practically.

1 courses

26 lessons

98 subtopics

  1.   Introduction to Ads PC
  2. Why we need PPC
  3. Distribution network in ads
  4. Type of keyword- broad, phrase, exact, modifier, negative
  5. Basic  of google ads
  6. Distribution network in ads
  7. Type of billing in adswords
  1.  AdWords account setup
  2. Google adwords account structure
  3. Creation through keyword Planner
  4.  Shortcut of keyword Planner for creative long tail campaign
  5. Number of way through which we can create ads words account
  6.  About campaign and ad group ideas and setting and campaign setting
  7. How to do keyword research for ppc 
  1. AdWords line Project keyword 
  2. What is conversion and how to implement & track
  3.  Tracking code
  4. how to quality score effect on bids?
  5. Quality score and how to we increase
  6. what is CTR and how do we increase CTR
  7. CPA – benefits & use and condition & formula
  8. ECPC – benefits & use and condition 
  10. What is impression and when google count a impression
  11. What is landing page for ppc
  12. Ad rank formula and algorithm
  1. Call extension
  2. Review extension
  3.  Automated
  4. extension report
  5.  call out extension
  6. Site link extension
  7. Automated extension report
  1. PPC campaign navigation
  2. How to create effective ads copies
  3.  Use call to action
  4.  Way do we create more ad copies for aads
  5.  Group and implementation
  6.  Increase position on search
  7.  Users define bids and Google automatic bids
  8. Type of bid
  9.  How many level of google divide bids
  10. different between ads group and keyword bids
  11.  Rules setup and benifits

1. Type of ads search network
2. Dynamic search ads
3. App install ads search
4. Mobile only ads

1. Flexible bids strategy
3. Maximum cpc
4. Outranking sshare

1. Google shopping PLA ads
2. Dynamic remarketing for PLAads
3. Google marchant centr
4. How to connect marchant center with ads
5. How to create ads in spreadsheet
6. AdWord and marchant difference
7. Product grouping in adwords account
8. Exclusion of out of stock product
9 promotional offer ads
10. How to link marchant with different user id
11. Overview of live shopping campaign -project training

1 Remarketing implemention use and benifits
2. Standard remarketing vs dynamic remarketing
3.Types of standard remarketing
4. Tags based remarketing
5. Rules based remarketing
6. Custom combination based remarketing
8. Display network remarketing
9. Overview of live remarketing campaign

1. Campaign performance report
2. Keyword performance report
3. Ad group performance report
4. Ads performance report
5. Segment report
6. PPC reporting structure
7. Dimension report
8. Keyword diagnosis
9. Auction inside
10 A/B testing

  1. Type of targeting contextual, interest base
  2.  Placement, topic demographic
  3. narrow targeting use and benifits
  4.  Site category exclusion too
  5. Introduction of google display advertising
  6. Bidding type – CPC &CPM ECPC CPE
  1. Engagement ads creation
  2.  General purpose ads
  3.  Social ads promotion
  4.  Display video ads
  5. Dynamic ads template creation using spreadsheet
  6. App install ads- text video, image
  7. How to create ads – text ,image ads and ads gallery



  1.  Placement performance report
  2. Display planner – heplful for optimization
  3.  Display planner
  4.  Strategies and optimization
  5.  Remarketing
  6. Line Project overview

  1. You tube ads
  2.  Pricing madel
  3.  Type of ads
  4.  YouTube remarketing
  5. Type of targeting
  6. Distribution network YouTube search, YouTube ads , google partner network

A) Advance PPC topic like

  • Web page conversion
  • Call only Conversion
  • Call Extension Conversion
  • Click on mobile and mobile website conversion

B) How to import offline conversion

C) how to import gaols from analytics

  1.  labels in adwords
  2.  Shared budget feature
  3. Filter se and benefits
  4. Script reporting in adwords
  5. Negative Keywords list
  6. How to check new opportunity in ads
  7. IP tracking,IP exclusion
  8.  Placement exclusion list
  9.  Invalid clicks






  1. Device parameter
  2.  Keyword parameter
  3.  Placement
  4. Keyword match type parameter
  5. How to find negative Keywords in 1 Second
  6.  Source URL parameter



  1.  AdWords editor
  2. Create new campaign in adwords editor
  3. Export and import files to share proposal
  4. How to download and benifits
  5. Or make change to an account
  1.  How to link & create new account
  2.  How to define access
  3.  How to assign project to team under you
  4. My client centre – use and benifits
  5. How to change client manager
  6. Lable in MCCC
  7.  How to transfer single account from mcc to another





1. Ads center ( Yahoo and Bing ads)
2. Setup account
3. Bidding

  1. Type of ads in ads center
  2.  Text ads
  3.  WAP mobile ads
  4.  Important keyword matrix
  5. Add preview and tool diagnosis
  6. Dynamic keyword insertion
  7. Parameter ads
  8. Mobile only ads
  9. Goal creation
  10. Keyword match type
  11. Billing in ads center








1. Location extension
2. Siteline extension
3. Extended site link
4. Call extension

1. Mobile policy & ads policy
2. New policy update

1. Mobile app promotion
2. Video ads app
3. Image ads app
4. App download promotion

  1. Account Creation
  2. Page Creation
  3. Page Setup
  4. Linktree/
  5. Profile Pic, Banner, Social Media Post Design
  6. Business Suite
  7. Creator Studio
  8. Facebook Marketplace
  9. How to setup shop/services
  10. Social Media Optimization
  11. App Opener Tool
  12. Facebook, Instagram 
  13. Messenger Auto Reply, Quick Replies, FAQ setup
  14. Facebook Ad account creation and payment methods
  15. User management
  16. Page/Profile/Account access
  17. Objectives and their meaning
  18. Types of Campaigns
  19. Budget Optimization
  20. Campaign, ad set and ad setup
  21. Detailed Audience targeting
  22. Ad formats and templates
  23. Advertisement policies
  24. Ad placements
  25. Inventory filtration
  26. Ad library
  27. Ad campaign planning and execution
  28. Analysis and reports
  29. How to create Business Manager Account?
  30. It’s benefits
  31. How to setup business manager properly?
  32. How to get access of client’s business manager?
  33. How to setup billing?
  34. How to add employees and provide access?
  35. How to use it for Digital Marketing Agency?
  36. How to apply Facebook Partner Agency?
  37. How to create multiple pixels?
  38. What is Facebook Pixel?
  39. How to install pixel into WordPress and Woocommerce website?
  40. How to add code manually?
  41. How to setup and track pixel activities?
  42. How to create custom conversion?
  43. How to create conversion campaign?
  44. What is custom and lookalike audience?
  45. What is remarketing?
  46. How to create custom and lookalike audience?
  47. IOS update information
  48. How to track sales through website?
  49. How to create successful remarketing campaign?
  1. Introductions to LinkedIn Ads
  2. Types of Promotions
  3. Audience Targeting
  4. Advance Audience Targeting
  5. Bidding Strategy
  6. Ad Format
  7. Ad Dimensions and Rules
  8. Remarketing Strategy
  9. Conversion Tracking 
  1. Instagram Ad account creation and payment methods
  2. User management
  3. Page/Profile/Account access
  4. Objectives and their meaning
  5. Types of Campaigns
  6. Budget Optimization
  7. Campaign, ad set and ad setup
  8. Detailed Audience targeting
  9. Ad formats and templates
  10. Advertisement policies
  11. How to do WhatsApp traffic campaign?
  12. Ad placements
  13. Inventory filtration
  14. Ad library
  15. Ad campaign planning and execution
  16. Analysis and reports
  1. Certifications
  1. Certifications

Key highlights of course

Advanced digital Advertising career by learning step-by-step proven tactics and strategies tried and tested by the best marketing experts with valuable certifications.

Recorded sessions after teaching

24/7 Doubt solving

Personal Teaching

Affordable Pricing

Unique Learning Style

Proven track record

12 students per batch

This is how the overall training will go:

My training methodology is like this to make a beginner to an expert.

I emphasize learning the theory first, then do it practically, then it comes time to solve the assignment from the students, while doing all this, I tell a successful case study. The main issue after this is evolution and certification. This is the journey that will make you a digital marketing expert.


Live & Interactive online class


Learn from recorded video lecture


Doubt sessions


Practical 1 on 1 mentoring

This is why the training is different!

two digit number 0 and 1

Knowing the need

Everyone’s digital marketing learning needs may be different so identifying their needs makes learning easier.

power of perception

Every student’s comprehension level is not the same, so it is important to teach at their level.

Advance Knowledge

The world has come so far now that basic knowledge won’t help. I used to focus on imparting supernatural knowledge step by step.

I'm There

I’m there for any digital marketing doubts. You can ask me any time.  I honestly feel that the one who studies definitely gets doubts.

Additional Benefits to Help you Learn Better !

Additional Benefits worth ₹15000 will be provided FREE

2+ Marketing Software Bundle worth ₹ 2000

Paid WordPress plugins worth ₹3000.

You get to use marketing tools for free worth Rs.5000+

If you’re looking for serious skill growth in digital marketing then Pankaj’s course is right fit for you.

Who should take Digital ads training ?

You may be surprised to read that there is no age limit to learn digital marketing or internet advertising. Whether you are a jobber or a business owner.

I think marketing is all about how you build websites, and how to increase customers for businesses. How to brand a product? How do rank local businesses on search engines? etc. Even if you are a student you can learn. No degree is needed.

Job seekers

Every small company to big company has a marketing part! So you can be a part of this industry with your eyes closed


If you want to increase your business or generate leads, then definitely take digital marketing training in Pune.


Students who are tech passionate and having interest about internet, website, search engine, data, analytics can join this training.

Tools You Will Learning Here

Why Our PPC Course is different from others?

We are offering one of the most comprehensive PPC Course in Pune. Join the industry’s most in-depth and practical training from industry experts who have experienced of over decades in PPC.

Learn creating real time live campaign.

24/7 Doubt asking freedom

The most exclusive PPC content, with an exposure to real implementation and learning.

Mentor Support even after the completion of the course.

Do you want to explore new career opportunities in this new digital age? Then my ‘#1 online digital advertising course‘ is perfect for you that provides in-depth online training starting with basic to advanced with unlimited doubt clearing sessions.

Here we help you to enhance your  Digital advertising which lead a path to various opportunities and can make a successful career path. I’m providing you 100% practical online training.

12 students per batch

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We will digitally up skill your career, enhance your marketing skills and makes you independent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to learn more about Pankaj’s course? Browse our FAQ:

Our batch consists of only 10 students, which allows each student to be placed in small groups, so each of their questions gets individual attention and personal help.

Yes, Incase if you miss any class then you will get the session again only you need to inform your co-ordinators.

Yes we provide training material. In fact we give you a Manual of Printed Notes. Also we provide soft copy of notes.

You only need to complete your 12th and PPC course will be beneficial for fresher Graduates, Working Professional, Entrepreneurs, business owners.

digital advertising course is the best option for small-scale businesses to promote them to the next level.

Candidates who are running a business are suggested to learn advanced advertising Course to promote your business to the next level. 

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